This tool reads your most important browser specs. Results are shown realtime onscreen and can be emailed to a support desk for browser issue tracking

Mailto service (for help desks)

Useragent details


CCBot version 2.0

User-agent string

CCBot/2.0 (

Operating system


Browser basics

Supports JavaScript

Adblock detection

Supports Desktop notifications

IP address info

Your IP address - What is my IP address?

Client network supports IPv6

IP address geolocation

Ashburn, United States - Show IP geolocation

Supported media

Supports HTML5

Supports HTML5 video

Supports images

Supports CSS

Supports CSS3

Supports CSS sprites

Supports animated GIF

Supports SVG

Supports Adobe Flash

High tech

Supports JSON

Supports GZIP

Supports base64

Supports cookies

Supports local storage

Supports DNT

Supports geolocation

Supports placeholder

Supports autofocus


Supports jQuery

Tested with jQuery version:

Supports Modernizr

Tested with Modernizr version:

Supports Font Awesome

Browser internals

Browser width

Browser height

Browser language

Browser timezone

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